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Common Documents - Power of Attorey

Posted on February 20, 2014 at 11:00 AM

One of the most frequent documents you are asked to notarize as a notary is a power of attorney. A power of attorney is an important legal document in which a principle gives an agent the power to act in their place. I have had clients notarize powers of attorney because they were leaving the country, incarcerated or hospitalized. There are several types of powers of attorney so it is important to know the differences. Two common powers of attorney are explained below.


Durable Power of Attorney


A durable power of attorney remains in effect if the principle becomes incapacitated and is unable to make their own decisions. Ordinary, or "nondurable," powers of attorney automatically end if the person who makes them loses mental capacity.


Medical Power of Attorney


A medical power of attorney, also commonly known as a health care directive, appoints an agent to make health care decisions on their behalf. The health care agent will work with doctors and other health care providers to make sure the principal gets the kind of medical care they wish to receive.


If you have any questions about the type of power of attorney you need it is always best to consult an attorney for legal advice.




*Disclaimer - The Document Diva is not an attorney and therefore cannot provide legal advice.



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