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Inmate Marriage Services

Congratulations, I assume that if you have landed on this web page, you have found the one person you love enough to annoy for the rest of your life! Even though your loved one may not be in the ideal place to get married, we at The Document Diva will still make your day special.

Getting married in jail can be an intimidating process if you do not know what you are doing. That is why we will walk you through all of the necessary steps so that your jail wedding takes place without a hitch. We will make sure that all of your paperwork is filled out and notarized correctly, and that your marriage is legal.

Step one is to notarize your fiancé’s signature on the Affidavit of Inability to Appear, which allows you to purchase the marriage license. Next, our minister will meet you at the County Clerk's office to buy the official marriage license. And finally, on a visiting day of your choice, the minister will meet you at the jail to perform the marriage ceremony.

The cost to perform a jail marriage is dependent upon which jail the wedding takes place, and if the inmate has identification. An estimate of cost is between $300-500. Payments are collected at the time each service is rendered.

Contact us today to plan your jail wedding. Call or text (562) 314-4319 for more information.