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New Notary Coaching

You took the notary class, studied for the test, and passed, so what is next? First of all, congratulations on becoming a California Notary Public! Passing the notary test is not always easy, so you are to be commended. You are now an official officer of the state. Who knew that one day, people would pay you for your signature?!

I know when I first became a notary over ten years ago, I was intimidated about performing my first notarization. There are countless documents to be notarized, it’s impossible to know them all, and I didn’t want to make a mistake. Thankfully, I received valuable training from another experienced notary.

In an hour-long, one-on-one video training, I will walk you through notarizing commonly notarized documents. We will notarize a:


  • deed of trust 
  • power of attorney 
  • practice notary journal entries
  • discuss when to use a jurat or an acknowledgment
  • copy certification by document custodian
  • certify a copy of a power of attorney, and much more!

New notary coaching is right for you if you are (1) interested in notarizing documents right the first time, (2) are nervous about performing your first notarization, and (3) if you want to walk into your first notary appoint poised and confident.

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For now, the new notary training is limited to California notaries.